Effective Reading Techniques I wish I could teach my Younger Self

Over the years, I learned, adapted, and improvised my reading techniques. The way I read now is contrastingly different from how I used to read before.  If I could travel back in time, I will share these techniques and insights with my younger self to become an effective reader faster. These techniques can help you be one as well.


Borrowing Ideas from Software Design Principles for Effective Note-Taking

For very long, I was convinced that  writing down information is Note-Taking. It took me a long while to realize Effective Notes capture ideas and not words. In this article, I borrow Five Design Principles for Better Personal Knowledge Management and Note-Taking.


I cancelled my Post-Completion OPT and reapplied again

I got my EAD approved but then I had to extend my Graduate program to another semester. This is my experience of how I cancelled and reapplied my Post-Completion OPT.


Part1: Dataset Preparation | Impact of Pandemic in People’s migration pattern in Chicago

COVID-19 impacted almost all aspects of our lives. Lifestyle, Businesses, Education, Healthcare all had major impacts in the way they operate. This article is an investigative study of how the pandemic affected the way people migrate within major cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco.