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I published my first Open Source Python library

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I published my first Open Source Python Library to PyPI three days back!

So here’s the story…

Recently, For one of my projects I had to incorporate an appointment booking feature with the existing system. Since we had a very tight deadline, we decided to go with a third-party service and incorporate it into the system. Calendly is one such appointment booking software with a good user interface and API access.

I was looking for some Python libraries that can help access Calendly APIs quickly and easily. My search resulted in one outdated python library, which is not compatible with Calendly API’s recent version. I couldn’t find any other libraries, so I built one.

Download statistics from the previous library made me realize that this simple library can help many developers save valuable development time by not reinventing the wheel. So I made the library Open Source and published it on PyPI as PyCalendly.

You can now download the library by executing the command: pip install PyCalendly

You can check out the source code here:

PyPI Package Webpage:

If you are looking to publish your Python Package, check out my Tutorial on How to Publish your Python Package to Pip.

Update: By the time of this writing, PyCalendly has been downloaded 425 times.

I have to work on creating documentation and adding a few more functionality.