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Re-Introducing #100MLProjects!

100 ML Projects

If you’ve been around, you might have noticed me sharing posts about #100MLProjects on my LinkedIn and Medium blogs articles. Video demos and articles on building a ‘Dog vs Cat classifier’, ‘Detecting handwritten tamil letters’, and few others. So, what exactly is 100MLProjects?

🤔100MLProjects ?

I’m a Computer Science Masters Student, and I’m focusing on Machine Learning in my graduate program, not just because it’s the trend but because am sincerely fascinated by the endless possibilities that Machine Learning and Deep Learning bring to the practical world.

This field has been here for a while now, and it shows no sign of slowing down. I very much would like to set sail on this ship, raise up the ranks and help navigate it when the time comes. With such high ambitions, it would only make sense if I build solid foundations, and #100MLProjects is my way of doing that.

#100MLProjects is a challenge that I created for myself to get proficient in Machine Learning and Deep Learnign by doing 100 Projects in a span of two years, while documenting every step of it.

If this experiment proves effective, this can be a helpful and detailed roadmap for future learners. Learn from things that worked well for me, and do things that could have done better!

Why do Projects?

Machine Learning is a very popular buzzword now, and the internet has plethora of resources for anyone to bounce on and start learnign Machine Learning. There are literally hundreds of MOOCs, and people are going crazy over these courses. Stanford’s Machine Learning Course alone has over 3.8 Million learners as of this writing. But from my limited experience, I found one grave mistake that many people make - Focusing more on getting that Course completion certificate rather than focusing on gaining the skills.

Having multiple MOOC certificates doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is skilled in that technology. I’m not against certifications, I myself have completed multiple MOOC courses and proudly shared them on my LinkedIn, but the thing is MOOC’s help us up to some extent and we need to start building on the base it provides. That’s where the building projects kick in.

I believe the best way to learn something is ‘Learning by Doing’. It helps serve two purposes,

  1. Helps us Understand the context and Practical implementation
  2. Lasts longer in our memory.

Focusing on doing projects can also help me stay away from the certification blackhole, and enjoy the learning process more.

Projects starts basic and gradually grow complex as I proceed through the challenge.

All my projects are indexed under my GitHub Repository - 100MLProjects

You can find my original 100MLProjects announcement blog article here My Journey towards ML/DL Mastery

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